Building relationships over long distances takes a lot of time, excellent communication and shared goals. Long distance intimate relationships should begin with an end goal in mind, whether it’s six months, a year or three years.

It can be extremely frustrating to wonder, “Where is this going?” Naturally, people have physical and psychological needs that are best met through intimate daily contact. As British poet Thomas Haynes Bayly once wrote: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Long distance relationships

High-quality communication is the most important method for build relationships that transcend distance. You’ll need to make sure you both have good long-distance phone plans and internet access. Webcams and video chats via Skype are good ways to close the distance gap with technology.

It’s important to discuss how much communication time is necessary to make each partner feel connected within sexual relationships. For one person, it might be contact every few days, but for another person it may mean a daily phone call or email. Some people need just ten minutes on the phone, while others need hours.

Try to make a regular schedule to ensure time is made for one another. If time is scant and schedules don’t jive, then it’s critical that the time spent communicating is quality time. Many long distance lovers spend a good portion of their time saying their “I love you’s” and reiterating what they love about their mates.

Romantic relationships

Sometimes building relationships means cultivating your own interests and working toward your independent goals to make the relationship much stronger in the long run. For instance, some men may work on improving their financial stability by working lots of over-time and saving money.

Some women may wish to become more independent and less emotionally needy, so they’ll join clubs, pursue hobbies and make more time for girl friends. While this may not sound satisfying, you’d be surprised at how a little innovative contact can bring two people together!

Goals are extremely important in building relationships. From the get-go you should be asking the important questions. Will one of you be open to relocating if the need arises? Will you eventually live together?

Dating relationships

Are you looking to get married and start a family? In almost all social relationships, people need to feel that their efforts are not in vain, that there is some meaningful reason to hold on. If you’re good at communicating your needs, making time for your love, working toward a goal and exercising patience, then you just may find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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