If you are a guy, then there is nothing more important, or frustrating, as dating women. To a guy, the idea of dating women is one of the most important things we can do but it is this whole idea of trying to make women happy that gets us all caught in a vicious circle. Women know that guys find it necessary to be date, so when women finally get a guy, rather than make him feel wanted and necessary in her life, she decides to push buttons and test boundaries. I know that it is necessary to learn everything you can about someone when you are dating them, but there are just some things that guys need left alone that women will not leave alone at all.

I have seen guys that have the whole idea of dating women totally under control and I can tell it is all about self-esteem. A guy with high self-esteem is going to be able to date many women and then let each woman he dates know that he is or is not looking for a full time mate and they may or may not be the one. The rest of us, the guys with little or no self-esteem who make up the other 95% of the male population, treat every woman like she is that last one that will have an interest in us and are always genuinely surprised, in the course of dating women, when we find one that actually does care about us. Men, for all of the machismo we try and project, are really fragile when it comes to dating women.

Some Guys Make It Too Easy

A tight dress, hair done up right, make up in all the right places and some guys will sign over the deed to their house to a woman. That makes it difficult for the rest of us that do have a little self-esteem and would rather not give away our estate to every woman we decide to date to compete. But then again the guys that give everything away to every woman they date wind up with nothing in a big hurry and that includes no money, no car, and no woman. It is kind of sad, really, but it still is just one of those things that tips the balance of power in the dating game decidedly to the female side.

There is a mechanism in most men and women that make men the hunter and women the prize and while many women would prefer to not look at it that way that is the way most men prefer to act. We will do stupid things to attract women and most of them never work. All it really takes is some self confidence and a lot of money … like a whole Jaguar full of money.


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