Sending shower invitations is the appropriate way to invite guests to an upcoming shower. There are many reasons why showers are thrown and there are many different types of shower invitations for each type.

There are wedding showers, baby showers and even household showers. Today, more and more showers are designed for couples, rather than for just the bride.

Shower invitations

Shower invitations, shower invitations, shower invitations! Wedding showers are normally held about two weeks before the big occasion and should be mailed well in advance to reach guests in time so that they can save the day for the party.

The date time and venue of the party including a map, if required, should be clear to make arrival easy for the guests. Guests who are invited to the shower should be, as a rule, invited to the wedding.

Since showers are essentially parties where gifts are given, some unique wedding invitations carry the details of the registry of stores to which the bride subscribes. In today’s busy world, guests find this a big help when looking for a gift that will be cherished for many years.

While showers on their own are normally lots of fun, those that are based on a theme can be even more so. If you are planning a bridal shower and the bride has a favorite hobby or something that she just loves to do, then you could choose to use this as your theme and plan the shower around it.

If this is the case, then make sure you include this information in the shower invitations. While you could go with a more traditional shower idea, those that are fun and lively always make for an interesting and fun time.

Rehearsal dinner invitations

All shower invitations should have a RSVP cut-off date. This helps the host to correctly make food and drink preparations, which will make guests more comfortable. When informative bridal shower invitations or Indian wedding invitation cards are sent, it is sure to help make the party memorable.

Look over some invitation samples online and consider purchasing some special invitation paper or a kit that will help you design your own.


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