Apparently, men have this inborn thing of wanting to be in control. What men want is to feel or be made to feel they are the boss and even when they are wrong, they are not completely wrong. To be away from trouble, a wife should learn to accept her man’s ideas. Men take it as a challenge when one argues with them and they would let you run your own affairs in the long run. You can always suggest men in a respectful manner; to handle things in a better way.

That way they feel dignified

What men want is not to be reminded of their past failures. That’s why they register in Bongacams. Here you can chat for free and meet new interesting people. If you do that, they feel you are challenging their intelligence. Let them look back on their own and learn from the past. In most cases, men would rather be respected than shown tenderness. Lots of women will tell you there are complicated tricks and traps to make men fall in love with you . Contrary to the general notions, you just have to follow some simple rules to make a man want you. Slow down initially and stop communicating with him, frequently.

If you want him to think about you, then you should call a friend instead and let your friend encourage him to call you. To make good excuses with him you can either make plans with your girl friends or get a hobby so you will not be available every time he wants to see you. Don’t make him beg for your time or else he may just stop approaching you at all. After you have grabbed his attention, all you need to floor him is to act genuinely and lovingly. Many men find different qualities attractive, but there is one thing that all men have in common.
What men find attractive in a woman is confidence. There are many ways to show men your confidence. Some women find that dressing up and looking great is a way to show men they feel good about themselves. Be careful with this one, though. It can actully make you insecure by wearing too little cloths and too much makeup and man wonder why you are trying so hard. Undertaking a hobby or a volunteering activity goes a long way in giving a boost to your confidence. Your personal hobbies, and the time you spend volunteering, are two subjects to bring up when out on a date, and these activities will give you a sense of worth.

It will make him want to be a part of all of the great things you have going on and he will definitely find that attractive.


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